Transparent Dancing Whiskey Glass with Rotable Bottom.



  • Brand:Aurra
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Transparent
  • Category: Kitchen accessories
  • Sub-category: Whisky glasses


  • Interesting design and elegant look
  • High quality and durable
  • Simple yet Luxurious look
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The Modern Art Sparkling Drinking Glasses takes an innovative and interesting design and creates drinkware that is unique. It’s such an eye-catching glass with its tilted stature! Perfect for clubs and bars or an addition to your barware. Available in four variants, each style is more eye-catching than the last!

The super sleek and yet detailed design of the glass creates that alluring kind of vibe that one can’t resist. It’s classy, modern, minimal, and everything you’d want from your next barware purchase. The Modern Art Sparkling Drinking Glasses shall replace your boring old drinkware with ease!


Modern Art came into being owing to the technological advancements during the industrial age. Rationalist practices of the past were rejected. The idea was to experiment and come up with innovative designs. Different textures, surfaces, and other elements were used by artists to create powerful paintings and designs.

The Modern Art Sparkling Drinking Glasses justifies the name given to it. A combination of textures, and uses, the glass is a modern barware that should be used by everyone who appreciates a unique product. The Modern Art Sparkling Drinking Glasses will easily fit into your drinking style.


  • The simple with its unique design of this barware glass is perfect for a relaxing evening with friends
  • Pair with ceramic dinnerware or serveware items for a wonderful experience
  • The glass can be paired with bright decor colors like deep greens and reds
  • Great for small gatherings with family and friends
  • The Modern Art Sparkling Drinking Glasses will also enhance the look of your barware show cabinet
  • Great for restaurants and bars, especially with a romantic theme.

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Style A, Style B, Style C, Style D


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