Surreal Vases of Three Senses


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Table Decor with Surreal Vases!

The Surreal Vases of Three Senses is a set of three vases, eye, ear, and mouth. It is an innovative way of decorating your house in a classy manner. These vases will make your decor stand out. Not only will they wow your guests with their innovative design but will also fetch you compliments on your choice. Inspired by surrealism, this piece makes us think about the different perspectives of the artist. In terms of design, surrealist art shows a lot of freedom as we can see here in the texture. It is sure to enhance your interior with its bold look and artistic perfection.Surrealism gives you a passage to think and imagine various things from a creative perspective. This creative freedom makes Surrealism a fluid art form. Typically, this art is to express the creativity of the unconscious mind. In terms of design, Surrealist art shows a lot of freedom. This freedom to use colors in designs has given us the beauty of this vase. It is truly a piece of work with its elegant shape and size.    FEATURES

  • Simple fashion craft
  • Made of high-end materials
  • A great gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, etc.   

Package Contains

The package that the AURRA sends with the products consists of the selected accent(s) wrapped in triple safety bubble wrap.

  • The Surreal Vases of Three Senses look great in offices or homes.
  • Pair with contrasting colors to enhance the look.
  • These look brilliant with wood- especially a walnut finish.
  • Style it with books and artifacts for your side tables
  • Its style makes it a perfect match for modern style decor

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Ear, Eye, Mouth, Set of 3


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