This elegant, lustrous gold leaf is made up of thin foil.


  • Color- Black, White, Gold
  • Weight- 0.8kg
  • Dimensions- 11.5*6*22.5*50 cm / 24.5*6*11.5*38 cm
  • Mostly used in- Living room, bed room, office
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  • Gold leaf decoration is a quick, elegant and relatively easy way of decorating an object or space.
  • Gold leaf can be simply brushed onto surfaces to create a subtle gold effect; alternatively, it can be burnished into place using a heated tool, or stuck in place using a special glue.
  • Gold leaf is a thin foil made of real gold.
  • It can be brushed onto surfaces to create elegant decorations.
  • One of the oldest types of decoration, gold leaf decorations are a beautiful addition to any space and can be made from a variety of materials.


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