Ceramic Teapot Type Flower Vase.



Brand Aurra
Type Vase
Material Ceramic
Color White
Size 13 x 17x 10 cm ( L x W x H )
Used in Home, office, garden, restaurants
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About the item:

  •  About : This handmade Flower vase is the most delightful teapot but it is a unique shape. This piece has no stamp or mark of any kind, so we have chosen to list this item as European handmade 3D stick flower factory old goods ceramic teapot shaped vase flower. every part of the teapot is really exquisite. Not only can be used as a teapot, but also as a vase, ornament and so on.
  • Material:  Ceramics are widely used in dish-ware, vase and so on. If you love oriental flowers and pottery, you will adore this piece of hand-made art.
  • Perfect gift : This can be a perfect gift to the people you love on different occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, housewarming parties, birthdays, office parties and on many more events.
  • Used in: Whether put this iconic thing in your home, kitchen, living room, garden, bedroom, restaurants, hotels, cafes etc., it will instantly enhance your space.


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