Flamingo Bird Decoration.


  • Dimension:    Small/length 31.5cm, width 17.5cm, height 27cm,                                                Large/length 38.7cm, width 20.7cm, height 33cm 
  • Color:          Pink
  • Material:     Resin
  •  Ideal for:    Your bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, dorm, craft room,                              kitchen, living room, or any other space. 
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  • A tissue holder for a party? Yes! Tissue boxes can be not only attractive but practical.
  • And that is why you need to pay attention to this post.
  • You will find a variety of interesting tissue box designs that will help you use tissue holders at parties or as decorations in your kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom.
  • Also you will learn an important information how to choose the appropriate tissue holder and how they differ from each other.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to know that it is tissue inside the box unless you open on up.
  • Toilet paper is both functional and fun. It can be used to wipe body parts, blow nose, clean up babies messes, and much more.
  • A great alternative to conventional toilet paper is a cute tissue box holder, inspired by a popular kids cartoon character.
  • These make great gifts for your daughter or granddaughter who shares her room with toys and stuffed animals.


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