Inside Swan champagne glasses .


Specifications :

Brand Aurra
Type Glass
Material Crystal Glass
Color Transparent
Capacity 550 ml
Used in Parties
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 About the item:

  • About: When it comes to wine glasses, size and shape matter. A good wine glass should be large enough to hold a full pour of wine while leaving enough room for the wine to “breathe”. This means that the glass should have a wide bowl and a narrow opening, which allows the wine’s aromas to be concentrated and released as you sip. However, stemmed glasses offer a more traditional and elegant drinking experience. They also keep your hands from warming up the wine, which can affect the taste and aroma.
  • Perfect gift: These Champagne glasses would make a great gift for someone to celebrate in style their special wedding, housewarming , or house party. You want to offer your friends a toast or need a unique birthday gift, then this will be perfect. If the person loves to drink wine or champagne then this is suitable for them.
  • Used in : This can be used in different type of parties, events, friends together, and on many more places. As mentioned earlier, stemless wine glasses are a great option for parties as they’re less likely to tip over and break. They’re also easier to store and transport, as they take up less space than stemmed glasses. For parties, it’s also important to choose a glass that is sturdy and easy to hold.
  • Material : Wine glasses can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, crystal, and plastic. While glass and crystal are the most traditional materials for wine glasses. Glass and crystal glasses are elegant and offer a more traditional drinking experience, but they can be fragile and easily broken if dropped if little attention given to them then its less chance of broke down of glass.

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