Athena Table Accent Decorative Showpiece


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When it comes to statues, we came across the kind of material it is made up of. And the latter is formed from organic and vegan resin.As it is made in India.This table accent is ideal as a corporate gift and for birthdays and housewarmings.


It can lift the ambience of any room with its versatilityThe identification of these paintings can be done by observing small and thin brush strokes. It was developed by French artists. The famous Impressionist artists of this period, such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas broke the conventional rules of art and captured light and movement in their own unconventional manner.


  • When paired with black elements, the decor shall become an eye-catching element of any space
  • The Trojan Brave Hearts Table Accent used in offices will also look appealing and promote a sense of power and courage.


  • Dimension: Athena (H: 9.9 inches, base length: 4.9 inches, Width: 3 inches) Achilles (H: 11 inches, base length: 7 inches, width: 4 inches)


  • It will go well with a subtle grey and white decor
  • Pair this decor accent in the foyer with natural accents to create an appealing entryway and bring protection and good luck


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